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  1. A built-in power schedule
  2. How Do I Force Shutdown On A MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro Retina Display?
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A built-in power schedule

The Windows Shutdown website lists various software utilities to automate the task of shutting down. In Apple macOS the computer can be shut down by choosing "Shut Down…" from the Apple Menu or by pressing the power key to bring up the power management dialog box and selecting button "Shut down".

An administrator may also use the Unix shutdown command as well. In Unix and Linux , the shutdown command can be used to turn off or reboot a computer.

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Only the superuser can shut the system down. One commonly issued form of this command is shutdown -h now , which will shut down a system immediately. Another one is shutdown -r now to reboot.

Another form allows the user to specify an exact time or a delay before shutdown: shutdown -h will turn the computer off at PM, and shutdown -r -t 60 will automatically reboot the machine within 60 seconds one minute of issuing the command. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How Do I Force Shutdown On A MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro Retina Display?

For the album, see Shutdown. Retrieved 24 April An alternative option is to create icons that will let you shut down, lock, or restart your computer without having to mess with that stupid popup menu.

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  • Of course, Windows 7 makes the shutdown menu a lot better, but if you want a shortcut elsewhere or to assign a hotkey, this should help you out. This tip is nothing new, and probably very old hat to most of the advanced geeks reading this feed. Probably best to name it according to the right function.

    macos - Quick Mac OS X shut-down icon - Super User

    After you click Finish, you should now have a new icon that you can double-click to immediately shutdown, restart, or lock your computer. The default icon is really ugly, and if you want to have separate shortcuts for each function you might want to change the icon. Don't write anything else to the disk until you finish recovering the data.

    Find the first block containing data from your deleted file. This file must be on a different drive A USB stick, perhaps.

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    • Repeat step 3 for each subsequent block, appending it to the end of the new file. Need anyones help I have made a vbScript for a fake virus but at the end of it i want the system to sutdown with a time limit. Any ideas? I put the ones with a time limit at school with and internet explorer icon.

      Mac keyboard shortcuts

      I pranked so many people. Your way is unnecessarily complex for someone who doesn't want to automate the shutdown for a different delay every time plus which VBscript is about as secure as a chicken-wire air tank. It worked on my ME until a kid came along and deleted the icon. Now I can't remember how to put it back on the desktop. By youssefgaber Follow.

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